Our Website Design Processquality assurance

The success of a website design requires a well-thought-out design strategy. Creative Extensions has developed a solid strategy that focuses on reaching your organizational goals. Anything from attracting visitors to your services or products to introducing visitors to a new brand or cause. There are many people who can write code, but few whom have the fundamental tools you need to lead a successful Web design project from start to the final goal. Creative Extensions has those tools. With a history of excellence, customer service, quality design, and clean code, we walk your company through our 9 step process to success.

project definition for website design process

Identifying the reasons for the site’s existence and what it is supposed to achieve is the first step in the process. We take the time to ask many questions and listen to your answers. This is key to understand the focus and goals of the site.

Here is where we:

  • Outline the Overview of the Project
  • Learn the Organizational Background
  • Establish Clear Goals
  • Determine the Target Audience
  • Set the Key Brand Messages
  • Decide Who are the Rival Organizations

website design project scope process

Creating a well-defined project scope outlines the specific activities and deliverables, along with specific timelines. Therefore, you will be able to know the set expectations of the process. Deadlines are set for receivables from you and for our design.

Here is where we:

  • Set Receivables Dead Lines
  • Set Payment Dead Line
  • Set Time Table for Deliverables
  • Set Projected Project Launch Date
wireframes and site architecture for website design and development

Site architecture includes the sitemap and wireframes of pages contained in the site. We now determine how the structure of the site will be laid out. Which elements are most important and the content hierarchy.

Here is where we:

  • Define Key Pages
  • Identify Sites Overall Navigation
  • Organize Products
  • Identify Categories
  • Organize Images
  • Identify SEO Key Words for Titles
  • Identify Site Content Hierarchy
visual design for the website design process

The visual brand of your company will most likely determine the visual design of the website. Colors, brand concepts such as your logo and key brand perceptual ideas convey the layout, style, and feel of the site.

Here is where we:

  • Determine the Colors Used on the Site
  • Decide on Font Styles for Headers and Content
  • Define the Layout of the Site
  • Commission Which Photos Appear and Where
website development for the website design process

With the design completed, it’s time to develop new content and refine old content for the site. We also focus on the code for the site such as the HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Here we will:

  • Create Videos
  • Develop Slideshows
  • Install Podcasts
  • Connect Other Media
  • Generate the HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript Code
website testing for website design

Before launching the website, we will begin testing it on an internal server to check for any issues. Our team will check forms, links, and content for any problems.

Here we will:

  • Test All Internal and External Links
  • Check All Forms
  • Review All Content
  • Test Video and Podcasts
  • Check All Other Media
  • Check All Internal SEO
  • Check Admin Login Codes
launch new website design

The big day is here, and it is time to launch the website. Great!
Once the site is launch, it is not the time to take a break yet. Instead, Creative Extensions grabs another cup of coffee because it is now time to correct any changes that the customer needs to be handled. Change is inevitable in all cases. There is always some tweaking.

Here is where we:

  • Retest Everything We Already Tested
  • Examine the Site with the Client
  • Tweak Any Changes
  • Provide All Login Codes To Client
  • Provide All Files To Client
website maintenance services

Much like most things, websites need constant care and maintenance to stay their best. Your competition is not going to slow down just because you do. So, don’t let your website sit and expect it to stay its best.

By updating and adding content continually, you are investing into your business the time and effort that it deserves to keep your customers coming.

We offer website maintenance services for those of you who do not have the time to do it yourself.

This is where we:

  • Create a Strategy to Move Forward
  • Continually Update Content
  • Develop Articles
  • Run Periodic Testing of Links
  • Create Additional Pages and Media Content
thank you for your website purchase

First and foremost we never forget what is important to our business, and that is You, our client. We appreciate each and every client that we service and try our best to treat your website and your business as if it were our own. We make every effort to continually help you where we can. Not just for website updates, but for other business matters as well. If we hear about an opportunity that we think will help your company, we are more than happy to pass that information on. Networking, sharing technological information and in general caring is what we do.

This is where we:

  • Thank You for Choosing Us
  • Provide Future Website Technology News Through Our News Letter
  • Offer an Avenue for Networking and Business Sharing Information