13 Small Business Ideas to Start at Home

work from home ideas for your small business

Great Business Ideas

If you are looking to start a business from home, there is a wealth of opportunities out there.  From the absurd to the logical, home businesses are growing like never before thanks to technology. So, let’s dive into a few fun ideas for your possible future with these 13 great home business ideas.

Etsy Seller-

Etsy is the place to go for all things crafty and homemade. If you have a crafty fun side, opening an Etsy shop maybe the right option for you. Create your item, take some photos and list it all in your shop to sell. For more information visit

T-Shirt Designer-

Enjoy coming up with creative ideas for shirts? Using your designs and then selling them through an online print company maybe an option for you. Sites such as Redbubble, Society 6, and Cafe Press offer designers a way to upload their ideas and have them printed and sold through their sites.

YouTube Personality-

YouTube offers an opportunity for individuals to build an audience for online video content. By building a following and optimizing views, you can make money through the platform’s ad sharing program. How much money?  That depends on a number of factors, but, according to Forbes Magazine, some YouTube Stars have made upwards of 10 million in a year.

Life Coach-

If you enjoy encouraging others to succeed, then being a Life Coach may be the right career for you.  Life Coaches working one on one with people in the fields of personal development, life & wealth mastery, health, energy, fitness and a variety of other topics.


If you are fluent in more than one language, you can consider translating documents for other people and companies. With the global market booming, now is a great time to diversify and reach out to companies looking to grow abroad.

Electronics Refurbisher-

If you are the handy type, refurbishing electronics and then reselling them on the internet can be a profitable business. You would basically set up an online store and resell the products that you use. Options range from Amazon and eBay to creating your own website just for refurbished items.

In-Home Tutoring-

If you are an expert in a specific subject, considering being an In-Home Tutor. You can offer students the option to come to your home directly or hold Skype or Facetime video chats to help them with their subjects.

Clothing Alterations-

For those who have sewing skills, doing clothing alterations from home can be very profitable. Get the word out through a website or social media or both. Offer to alter clothing or make custom outfits.

Virtual Meditation Guru-

In the fast passed world of today, more and more people find themselves stressed out. Many are reaching out to things like meditation and biofeedback to try and reduce stress, improve health, and improve concentration. If you are well versed in meditation techniques, consider being a Virtual Meditation Guru by creating videos or live webinars where people can improve their skills.

Pet Sitting-

The love of animals has been around forever and in the vast pet market of today, people put their fur babies first. Consider being a pet sitter for those who have to go out of town on business and can not take their beloved pet with them.

Clutter consultant-

Do you like to organize? Then being a Clutter Consultant may be right up your alley. Charge a fee to help people declutter their offices, homes, garages and more.

Party Planner-

Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone is good at planning one. If you are great at planning parties, consider doing that full time as a business. Party planners are needed for everything from a simple house warming to as vast as a wedding or corporate event.

Personal Concierge-

Time is short and people these days are so busy that they do not always have time for those errands that they need to be done. Some individuals who run corporations or have successful careers have very little time to get the dry cleaning, groceries, etc. Consider catering to them through a personal concierge service run out of your home.


The variety of small businesses that can be started at home are endless. So if you are really looking to start a business at home, consider what you are good at and enjoy and do it. I did and I have never looked back.